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American Art Exhibit Critique

            So often you hear people critique the fine artists of Europe such as Michael .
             Angelo, Picasso, Rosso Florentino, Degas and his ballerinas. However, American Art .
             has its place too in the importance and history of art culture. American Artists such as .
             John Singleton Copley, Benjamin West, Thomas Cole and most recently Thomas .
             Kinkade have enhanced American Art Culture as prominent masterpieces. Often-.
             American Art becomes overlooked for the better-known pieces of Picasso, Rembrandt .
             and Renoir. However it is important that American art be seen as influential as .
             European art within the art culture.
             This critique of the Los Angles County Museum of Arts, American Art Exhibit,.
             currently one of LACMA's permanent collections, delves into the spirituality which is.
             the history of American Art. First, I will describe LACMA's setting and how it puts you .
             in the mind frame to review the artistic pieces. Second, as we move throughout the .
             different collection halls, both permanent and featured, I will discuss how the American .
             Art Exhibit provides a sense of nationalism and patriotic pride. Lastly, I will .
             conclude on my deeper appreciation for American Art and the history of it.
             We begin this journey through the Museum as we enter the American Art Exhibit .
             Hall. First you notice how the silence throughout the hall gives a sense of tranquility. .
             Allowing one to relax and become fully immersed in the exhibit. Almost as if .
             you were part of the exhibit yourself. Next, the openness of the hall allows for a free.
             flowing movement as you pass each piece of artistic work. The dim lighting provides.
             almost a romantic feeling within the hall itself. The art lights illuminate the featured .
             paintings and art pieces so that they may take center stage. As I walk from piece to piece,.
             I stop, and take a good look into American Art History. The American Art Exhibit .
             collection mainly consists of oil paintings, watercolors and sculptures that date from.

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