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Studying Human Growth and Development

            There are a lot of reasons to study human growth and developmental psychology. Human growth and developmental psychology can you help you understand others as well as yourself. If you are planning on having children or a career with the kids, this is the class to take because it helps you understand the children better and you can have a better interaction with them. As human beings, we go through a lot of stages in our life via development. Developmental psychologists study human growth and development throughout a lifespan. They study the physical, personality, emotional, cognitive, perceptual, and intellectual growth. There are lots of researches done to help understand how and why human beings change and grow, the information can be useful to help human-beings reach their highest potential.
             In this course, I want to learn about domestic violence. My burning question is 'why women in abused relationships do not leave said relationship but rather stay'? I started asking questions already. I got different answers such as 'he loves me', 'I love him', 'he does not mean to', 'he is trying to change', and 'this is not the person I fell in love with'. What is domestic violence? The dictionary describes it as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. Abuse is physical, sexual, emotional, economic or physiological actions or threats of actions that influence another person Abuse Defined. (n.d.) Domestic violence does not look the same in every relationship, but they do have something in common. The abusive partner does all sorts of things so as to have more control over their partners. Another burning question is 'how do men in abused relationships get to that stage in the first place?' If I can achieve this answer, a lot of people can be saved an abusive relationship.
             As a psychology major, I want to advance in my career by being a counselor or therapist.

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