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Various Stages of Human Development

             Freud is known for his creation of psychotherapy, which is still used today, another strength of the psychoanalytic view is the importance on contained development during adult ages found in Erikson's theory. Freud's new research on adult development has provided a great deal of new theorizing, even though many of Freud's theories are disputed. Freud's studies have impacted our understanding of personality development. At each level lust is centered on a different part of the body, in the infant; the month is the main focus. As the child's growth progress the lust becomes focused, on the anus than later on the genitals. After a period of inactivity called the latency stage, optimum development, according to Freud requires an environment that will satisfy the unique needs of each period. For example: the infant needs sufficient opportunity for oral stimulation, an inadequate early environment will result in fixation. Characterized by behaviors that reflect unresolved problems and unmet needs. Thus, emphasis on the formative role of early experience is a hallmark of psychoanalytic theories. .
             Erikson's theory is in order for a child to have an active nature; the child must know how to deal with a "psychosocial critical situation". In every critical situation there is always going to be different point of views. For example "trust versus mistrust or integrity". A critical situation in growth of a child's traits on the positive side, however, just because a child has a good strong will doesn't mean they should be only moving towards the positive side of things. For example in order for infants to know who to trust and not to trust, they must experience this. So having a healthy growth will require the child to have positive and negative experiences (Erikson, 2013). .
             The main idea of Erikson's theory is that there is faultfinding in thrust when it comes to developing a person's social appeal that associates with changes in age.

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