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The Learning of Consciousness

             Sigmund Freud was a psychologist that created the first psychodynamic theory. His theory explained how human's nature was established and operating and how our internal selves forces us to do or not do everything. Freud created the theory of three levels of consciousness, psychosexual stage of development and mechanisms that described the image about human personality. In the essay, I will elaborate on the impact of Freud's theory to humans, how it affect the development of psychology, and explore the reason on how influence of Freud's theory has declined.
             First off, the three levels of consciousness include id, ego and superego, which was Freud's view of how people 's awareness levels operated. Ego related to the idea, thoughts or rational perceptions of human; superego related to conscience, morals of human that learn from the society or traditional culture; Id refers to selfish, childish though or immediate gratification of human.The levels of consciousness mutually balance and control each other. If negative feeling happened, then id would produce some desires while at the same time superego would produce a repugnant feeling. People who follow the idea of id (desire) and practice it, exemplifies how they like being in the wrong or damaging the society. But those levels of consciousness are hard to apply to people. Id is hard to interpret and prevent which is why the unconscious of a human is often discover by Clinical Psychologist that hypnotize patients to get a better result. Personality development relates to parenting style, environment, and social culture. In different conditions, people grow their children to be what they want but they would use their style of parenting. For example, a liberal family would probably allow their children to do whatever they want, compared to a traditional family who authority is to control their children to do everything their way. This can later lead in the development of both groups of children to be different.

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