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The Process Of Learning

            There are many different theories of learning and many forms in which the process of learning is established as a very complex concept. Is learning observable and does every child fit the same patters in which they are observed bye? Or is it a more individual process where the child learns under his or her own consciousness. Do all children fit into or follow the same stages of development and maturity or do the actual stages in which a child is developing change as they child gets older? What I would like to do is give examples and theories of concepts to help identify with what I feel show my beliefs about the process of learning and the identifiable patterns which children go through.
             There are several theories of development, which intend to show the entire process, which children go through from infant to adolescence. The psychoanalytic theory, learning theory, and cognitive-development theory are what the book calls "the three grand schemes" (Bee, Online text, p 52). Each of these theories is designed to describe and explain human development and human behavior. Generally these theories are observed by means of observation of a physical experience or a change in behavior. The degree of success the child experiences in meting the demands of these stages will depend on the interactions he has with people and objects in the world (Bee, Online text, p 59). Therefore I do feel that some forms of learning can defanalty be observed of evidence of physical task or the change in there behavior.
             Many newer theories actually try to narrow the approach not to explain all of development, but each ones points us toward important sources of information, and toward key questions or hypothesis (Bee, Online text, p 68). Minitheories represent these inpacticular types of philosophies. For example, Susan Horter describes the origins of self-esteem, which explains the narrow ranges of behavior (Bee, Online text, p 53).

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