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Life Span Perspective Paper

             Many individuals within someone point in their life do reflect back on earlier stages in that individual life and think about the many differences from how they use to be to how they are now. We often wonder why we have changed and when it takes to create the person we have become. Our changes without our life is examined through the science of human development. It examines why we change as time goes on. "Scientists examine the young, old, rich, poor, various ethnicities and cultures, as well as those of various sexual orientations. They seek to better understand the continuity and discontinuity, and the consistencies and transformations the human race goes through from the point of conception until death (Berger, 2011)". This is how we get a better understanding to who we are becoming.
             Views of the Life Span Perspective .
             The life span perspective "holds many principles within human development. In our earlier school years Newton's Law of Motion taught us that for every action there is a reaction (Boyd & Bee, 2009)". During the study of human development we find that our changes are multidirectional. With each change it shows us some type of advancement or retreat. "It is also multicontextual occurring is all of our various physical and social environments. Wide-spread culture across the globe creates unique methods of accrediting meaning and value to life, thus defining development as multicultural as well (Berger, 2011)". Human development discusses the study of the cognitive, biological, and social domains you can define development as multidisciplinary in nature. Plasticity discusses the human development explaining how humans can change and become a different person overtime also managing to keep their foundational selves. "Plasticity is attributed with providing hope and realism because it suggests that change is possible and that development is built on the foundation of what is already in existence (Berger, 2011)".

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