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Value Of Work

             In modern times a really complete assessment of anything is difficult to come by. Dealing with something so broad based as work, which spans across so many different areas, makes this assessment even more difficult. Once the "value" factor is added, then the whole fact of happiness comes into play. The value of work may be assessed in many different ways; this includes the people who only work to provide for themselves, people who feel that work is good for the soul, and people who are success-driven in the workplace. .
             From a Utilitarian point of view in considering value of work, one is must inevitably face the fact that consequences and happiness play a huge role when being related to the value of work. The key point to keep in mind is that with a country that has so many different ideals and cultures, that what is makes a specific person happy may not may even affect another person's happiness at all. Happiness from the work perspective can be seen in many different lights. Among these different lights special consideration must be given to the fact that what is good for one person may not be the same for the next. If this is so, what is the greatest good for the greatest amount of people? The greatest good for the greatest amount of people is definitely working, how people value the work that they do is totally different. It is this point where Utilitarianism comes into play. When examining this key point, act utility is saying that the happiness or value that comes from working, i!.
             n one person's perspective may specifically be different in another person's perspective, yet from a rule utility perspective, everyone values some type of work they do, or else they would not work at all. .
             For the people that only work to provide for themselves the value of work may not be as important as the value of having a job. The greatest good for the greatest number is the issue for these people.

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