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Women's Rights - The Work of Mary Wollstonecraft

             Mary Wollstonecraft was born on 27th April 1759 in Spitalfields, London and died on 10th of September 1797. Her father moved the family many times and during the years, Mary Wollstonecraft lived in Epping, Barking, Beverley in Yorkshire, East London in Hoxton and then finally to Wales. At the age of 18, having received a poor education, she left home and never went back. Mary Wollstonecraft was considered to be a prolific writer, a staunch advocate for women rights and a philosopher. She had wrote various educational works and written several vindications. Mary Wollstonecraft has significantly influenced modern studies on the society and sociology. Her fight for women rights and women engagement in education has significantly shaped theories and studies about society. .
             Education Opportunities for Women and Children.
             Mary Wollstonecraft's work has significantly contributed to the study of society. Wollstonecraft advocated for the complete involvement and engagement of young children in the education sector. In her book titled "Thoughts on the Education of Daughters"" and "Original Stories from Real Life"," Wollstonecraft advocated for the importance of educating children into the middle class philosophy. She assumed that, young children will be the future driving force of a country's economy and it was of paramount importance to empower such a generation through education. According to her, education was the pillar for success and the only way to develop the society, was through education.
             Wollstonecraft predicted a future where the developing middle class was going to rule and have influence on the economy, and saw the need of educating young children and women into being critical thinkers, self-disciplined, honest, and social contended generations. She continued to note that, educating women would eventually make them good mothers and wives who can positively contribute to the development of the society.

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