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            "Let us at first make an entire abstraction of all psychological considerations tending to show, that any of the mental differences supposed to exist between women and men are about -(57). John Stuart Mills strongly advocates equality for women in his book The Subjection of Women. Among the topics he argued was the right for women to be allowed to pursuit whatever occupations they wanted regardless of their sex. Mill argues that psychological differences have absolutely nothing to do with but it the blockage of their knowledge that causes the problem. He believed their nature should not prevent them from participating in a particular field. The inherent characteristics that women possess such as gentle, weak should not determine what kind of work they do. However, if they are not given an opportunity to partake in any field out side the sphere of domesticity and are not educated then how can they be qualified for anything else. Women were subjected to certain roles and it is still prevalent in our society today. Stereotyping has been going on for decades and is still in effect the professional world. Females are still seeking equality in the workplace and in some institutions. As a society today we have come along way, but there is still room for improvement.
             Mary Wollstonecraft in A Vindication of the rights of Women goes beyond arguing for an equal education and equality for women, but she also exposes of numerous injustice to women, including denial of the right to vote, to own property, or to perform any but the lowest jobs and parents duty of parents to children: "A great proportion of the misery that wanders, in hideous forms, around the world, is allowed to rise from the negligence of parents" (159). Parents have a duty to their children; learning begins at home. If parents leave the act of discipline to teacher and school they are at great injustice. A good family background with the correct moral value instill in a child is priceless.

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