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Stereotyping Feminists

            Most people associate feminism with being a lesbian. This is only because being a lesbian and being a feminist are both known around America for "hating" men. This hasty judgment of the feminist of America has hindered the "Real" feminist from making any change in America today. Also because these stereotypes feminist now have to prove to not only men but also to fellow women that they just want to help in the fight of equality. It also doesn't help that the media only focus on the radical feminist. The stereotypes of feminism are hurting feminist movement and are completely untrue. Even though the TV or internet won't show the people the complete truth. Feminist are more the just the stereotypes that are portrayed across America. .
             People thinking feminist are all lesbians isn't the only stereotype feminism have gotten through the years. The stereotypes have gotten so outrageous that they have made their way to Tumblr. If you don't know what Tumblr is it is a website where a person can blog whatever is on their mind.The Tumblr page that was created is called Women Against Feminism just like the title of the page says it's for women who don't agree with feminism. On this blog women make signs saying why they are against feminism. The signs said such things like "I haven't need feminism since 1920", " I'm against feminism because I don't need to grow my body hair to prove i'm equal to men". In the article 'these women don't know the real meaning of the word 'feminism'" Tery Steelman states " It's obvious that the women who participate in Women Against Feminism, are not very informed about what it actually is. They see the very radical feminists and assume that they represent the entire width and breadth of feminism. That behavior is just as bad as what they are accusing feminism of doing: painting all feminists as man-hating, victim-playing lesbians is ridiculous and patently false.

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