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Feminist Hypocrites

            Feminist Hypocrites "It's a sad sad world, when a girl will break a boy just because she can." These words, from a song by Fiona Apple, describe the current turn of the feminist movement. Feminism is a term that has been taken very lightly, and often adopted by women because the feminist movement is "cool". The current feminist movement, if it could even be called that, centers mainly around sexual acts, rather than "real" issues that every woman should be concerned about. I believe that all current feminists need to thoroughly examine their reasons for calling themselves feminists and that the movement needs to return to the old adages of feminism, or women will continue to be degraded, and it will come from within rather than from men. Feminists seem to be routinely correcting themselves and do not have a unanimous voice. The essay "Hypocritics", published in The New Republic, and written by Peter Beinart, uses an article by Noemie Emery to make his point that feminists are resoundly "confusing consensual and nonconsensual sex" and "portraying women as sexual victims". Ms. Emery writes, "the feminists stand exposed as a partisan pressure group, which is not what they said they were. They said they were a universal moral movement acting on behalf of all women. They claimed, very loudly, that harassment was an outrage and a horror. But, as it turns out, they are for women selectively, and against harassment only now and then." Beinart attacks feminists as hypocritical with regard to the Clinton cases for not "rallying to Jones's and Willey's defense when there is evidence that Clinton made a pass at them" and accuses conservatives of also being hypocritical for "not rallying to the president's defense when there is no evidence that he punished either woman for resisting?" This is only one of the many problems that that old guard feminists see. Just as the media played a huge role in convicting Clinton before he had a chance, the media is also pushi!.

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