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To be australian

             To be Australian .
             What is "being Australian"? This intricate question is always a hard term to define when discussing the Australian culture. Due to the formation of groups perceiving similar qualities, this often results in categorizing or labelling the "typical Australian" character. Australia cannot be classified or defined into a particular group or category because of the immense number of personalities and individuals contained among our society. Needless to say, there is no such concept of the "typical Australian" or Australian ideology. This typical concept is depicted in the Williamson's The Removalists, which presents a biased view of the typical Australian male. On the contrary, Ann Zahalka's image The Bathers is a contemporary art movement associated with post industrial societies challenging the typical Australian image. This is further portrayed in Geoffrey Bolton's newspaper article work in progress, challenging the concept of the Australian character and its changing nature with the conclusion that "at the start of the 21st century we can only know that the Australian character is still evolving". The texts I have studied have shaped my understanding and perspective of the diversity of Australian society.
             The Removalists, a play written by David Williamson in 1971,in the context of the changing society movements towards feminism, portrays the stereotypical view of the degrading Australian male, concerning abusive behaviour, idleness, self-indulgence and sexism.
             Williamson exemplify these qualities through strong characterisation and dialogue. Such as Simmonds who is a fat, well-practised police bludger, likes to establish his authority and keep in charge, a hypocritical sleaze that has no respect for women. For example Simmonds narrates a story to Ross, scrutinizing and despiteful towards women. "A hysterical little tart fronting into the station yelling rape turned out the tart was the biggest bike in the district".

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