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Australia and Assimilation

             After WWII Australia had to re-think its plan for survival for if we didn't we surely would have been overpowered by japan, china or Indonesia because those countries are over populated and Australia for its size is largely under populated. Prior to WWII Australia was a very hard country to get into. There were polices that stoped most people from coming here. He was very concerned about how our defence and economy would hold up if we were attacked or invaded after the war. Japan did not help his concerns when they had proved to be a major ally to Germany in WWII, they even bombed Darwin in WWII.
             Taking Action.
             To fix this problem Arthur Calwell came up with the idea of discarding the White Australia Policy and Promoting a new policy called Assimilation this has had many positive aspects and only 1 negative. It has allowed Australia to gather much needed population. It has also given them access to the workplace and the wider community to protect them from persecution based on difference so it has boosted our economy and defence. The only negative would be the intolerance of most Australians who feared that their own identity was being changed.
             "It's all about attitude".
             The attitude to the new Australian migrants would have rude, crude and snobbish.
             " in the main life was more acceptable than the one left behind in the devastated homeland. And always, always it was for the "children's sake"- no matter how difficult and inconvenient a situation [became] or how long it had to be tolerated." (A history of Australia since 1901,P. 129, Source E).
             This meant that it would have been hard to live here if you were a migrant but you knew that it was a better country for your children to grow up in. People would have been called names of the street also people would have been rude to them in public and not served when they asked for something but people still lived here for their "children's sake". Australia would have been a better country to live in for their children because it would have better technology, education and hospitals than most other countries the rudeness to migrants eventually died down.

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