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Being Australian

             Being Australian means to enjoy life and live it to the full and is a feeling of joy and pride, being able to share its freedom, its riches and its happiness. Australia is a home of many nations because we work together and cooperate to make our home a land of joy. .
             Many countries are ruled by war where people live in horror and slavery. That is why we are proud of the freedom of Australia where all religions and ways of life are permitted and mostly accepted.
             To be an Australian is to be proud of what your country stands for. To most Australians, being an Australian means doing whatever you think is best for your country. This has been shown in many examples, the foremost of which being the many wars in which Australians have fought. In World War I alone, 59,000 Australian troops died fighting for their country. To them, being an Australian meant sacrificing their life. To others, being an Australian might be picking up that piece of litter that you spot in the park. These are just a few examples of what it means to be an Australian.
             To every person, being an Australian may mean different things. To me it means looking after our wild lands, our flora and fauna, and to serve Australia as a whole. Sure, the parklands look great now, but what are they going to look like in 50 years? Is it our right to take that privilege away from our grandchildren? In my opinion, today's society is being selfish in destroying these wonderful riches that our land holds. They have been kept for our enjoyment, and we should be keeping them for the enjoyment of future generations.
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