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National Organization for Women

            The National Organization for Women, or NOW, is a feminist political action group. Their main focus is women's rights issues and what they consider to be feminist causes. Like most women's rights groups, one of their main issues is abortion. They also champion other causes such as gay and lesbian rights, welfare, domestic violence, affirmative action, and family values.
             NOW is definitely a left wing group who supports the Democratic Party nearly one hundred percent of the time. Three of the seven headlining stories are Bush bashing pieces and six of the seven are negative articles about the Republican Party. The only exception is an article on how the Kobe Bryant Trial is violating Rape Shield laws. However, four of the anti-republican pieces were on the protection of abortion laws which is one of NOW's main issues.
             The website is laid out in a very "user friendly" fashion. There are a number of picture links for political donations, feminist election sites, and anti-Bush articles. There are also links that summarize the issues NOW focuses on and how people can get involved.
             I believe that a feminist group such as NOW should be set up to benefit women of all kinds and I believe that some NOW members believe they are doing just that. However, NOW has donated a large amount of its budget to the Clintons and continues to donate money to Hillary Clinton. The Clinton legacy should have had real feminists screaming, but they were silent during the Clinton sex scandals. This, along with their support and instilled heroism of Anita Hill, yet the hatred displayed for a women like Linda Tripp is hypocritical. NOW would not bother me if they would be upfront as to who they are really representing, democrats, not women. They have exposed themselves for what they really are, an arm of the left wing of the Democratic Party. .

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