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The National Policy on Women

            National Policy on Women was introduced in 1989 under the Ministry of Women and Family Development, which has now changed its name to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community. This Ministry has been led by Y.B Senator Dato' Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, while the position of Deputy Minister held by Y.B Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun.
             Generally the Ministry of Women, Family and Community formed to increase public awareness of the importance of the role of women and the family institution to achieve the national development agenda. There are four other agencies under the administration of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community, Department of Women Development (DWD), the Social Welfare Department of Malaysia (JKM), the Board of The National Population and Family Development (LPPKN) and Social Malaysia Institution (ISM).
             In line with the goal of establishing this ministry to help the women from various aspects then the ministry has developed the National Policy on Women in the second or more known as the National Policy on Women 2009. National Policy on Women is the continuation of the National Policy on Women first enacted 20 years ago with regard to the issues, opportunities, challenges and the current environment and future. The contribution of women in national development is undeniable, and their role is increasingly prominent, especially after independence. This commendable success increasingly in line with the challenges of globalization. The once upon a time considered a weaker creations, now get up to play a role in ensuring the success of the country along with men. Women also have the power to determine the direction of the country.
             In Malaysia, the total participation of women who work shows they are a part of this nation contributors. Aware of the various roles of women in the family, society, the economy and national politics, the government acknowledges that specific strategies should be developed for involving women more effectively in the development process so that women's potential can be optimized.

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