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Concepts of Cognitive Development

            Many people nowadays say that when specific events happen, whether it be tragic or a joyful memory, they make a huge difference in their own future. In fact, that is very much true. Ones childhood plays and will play a huge role in their further development. Jean Piaget, the swiss child psychologist, created the cognitive development theory. This new hypothesis had a focus on how children think and understand the world around them by using basic motor skills in the beginning to thinking abstract thoughts and making complex ,but in reach, conclusions. He creates and explores four age related stages that explain how children slowly begin to realize more of their surroundings. .
             From the moment you enter this world you immediately become dependent on your basic motor skills to survive. The first stage of the cognitive development, sensorimotor stage, is mainly focused on how children use their sensory skills to understand the world. From infancy to the age of 2 a child forms object permanence. This is knowing that an object is still present. It requires the ability to form a sort of schema of the object. For example if you station a toy dog or a doll under an object, lets say a blanket, the baby that has achieved physical object permanence knows that its still there and can willingly go seek it. At the very beginning of this microscopic stage the child behaves as if the toy or doll had simply disappeared. Generally signaling the transition to the next stage of the development is the acquirement of object permanence. .
             Communication amongst humans is one of our main attributes. It helps us complete certain tasks and also advance with our lifestyles. The Pre-operational stage is the second stage in which children between the ages of two and seven attain the skill to engage in symbolic play and also be able to recreate an event or imitate an object. Piaget suggested that children's thoughts are usually about themselves.

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