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Chinese Economic Growth and Development

            Living in an Asian society, I have had the privilege to study and explore the diversity of the culture and races in Singapore. While mixing with the Chinese community here, I have learnt a great deal about their culture and homeland. Back in China, for over 30 years, the Chinese government has exercised a policy called "One Child Policy". .
             Considering how strong and powerful the Chinese economy is, it is hard not to wonder if the One Child Policy had anything to do with it. In my essay, I will explore how one of the most controversial policies of all time has helped the Chinese economy to grow and develop. Studying the One Child Policy would mean, studying how fertility rate or population growth rate influences the growth and development of an economy. The key terms that will be highlighted in my essay are "economic growth" and "economic development". I will be analysing data from1980 to 1990 . I will be breaking down each of these terms, study the factors influencing economic growth and development, and show what role the One Child Policy had played. The overall impact of the One Child Policy during the time period of 1980 to 1990 is what I will be primarily looking at. But in addition I will also briefly comment on the future consequences of this policy.
             Economics is the study of how humans choose to allocate the limited resources that they have in the most efficient way in order to best satisfy unlimited human needs and wants. In my essay I will be predominantly exploring macroeconomic and development economics concepts. My study will concern the One Child Policy imposed by the Chinese government and its economic and social consequences over the years1980 to 1990. Thomas Robert Malthus was an economist who stated that population growth is an exponential progression where as growth in supply of food is arithmetical progression. Therefore there will be a point –Malthus's Trap –when the supply of food will be outstripped by population.

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