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Economic and Technological Developments in China

             The Chinese government has set up a large amount of economic and technological development zones approved by the State Council as state-level economic and technological development zones(SETDZs). However, this rate of growth is causing significant problems in it's sustainability. The government has spent more money in these developmental zones, but receive much less net revenue. This paper will examine specific strategies for the SETDZs to proceed and suggest how to overcome the sustainability problem. .
             Background: SETDZs in China.
             China has been on a developmental upswing for over 30 years. At this point, there are 171 SETDZs and 84 SETDZs, all on the eastern coastal regions, with 87 SETDZs in the middle west regions. They are served as "windows and bases"" in the fields capital attraction, export enlargement, hi-tech development and regional economy promotion. .
             Problem: Sustainable Development of SETDZs in China.
             For three decades, economic indicators of the SETDZ's have increased 25% annually. Numbers have promoted local economic development, system renovations and science & technology developments. At the same time, the SETDZ's in China have come up against great difficulties, including financial strain and homogeneous competition. Whether the SETDZ's in China could develop sustainability is a is an issue to be studied.
             Evidence and Analysis: What to Learn from RTP.
             Through reading the literature materials and visiting the RTP, there are some successful experiences for the SETDZs in China to learn in order to develop sustainability. .
             The RTP is located in central North Carolina between three major universities: Duke University in Durham, North Carolina State University in Raleigh, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1950s, a group of the state's brightest political, business and academic leaders created RTP as a place to attract and grow research and development R&D operations, drawing upon the strengths and synergies between North Carolina's academic, government and industry base.

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