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How to Improve China's International Trade?

            How to Improve China's International Trade? .
             Since the open-door policy and the economic reform in 1979, China's economy has been developing rapidly. And the international trade also comes to a new era.
             In 1978, the total value of foreign trade of China is about $20.6 billion, about $ 70 billion in 1985, $280.9 billion in 1995,and $509.8 billion in 2001. According to the latest data, from January to August of 2003, China's import and comport value is even up to the historic $522.72 billion. It is said that in America every American has one commodity with him/her made in China, and in the world every person has a pair of shoes, 3 items of clothing made in China. China has already ranked the sixth largest country in international trade.
             As the year comes to 2003, after the "9 ¤11"event and the Iraq war, the world economy is continuing to slow down. The recession risk of world economy is evidently increasing. Hence China's international trade is facing even more difficulties. The main disadvantageous factors are as follows:.
             1. As China joined the WTO, China will be facing a totally new trade environment.
             The unfitness of China's trade system will be the key factor affecting the increase of China's foreign trade. And the deficiency of China's export rebate system becomes the main problem which affects the constant increase of China's foreign trade. Our present export-promoting policies will be restricted by the rules of WTO.
             2. The "9 ¤11"event and the Iraq war will postpone the recovery process of the world economy. The recession risk of the world trade is likely to increase. The world foreign exchange market will fluctuate more violently and frequently. And so does the world capital market. All of these will increase the risk of China's international trade.
             3. The tendency of trade block is becoming tense. Nations have continued to pursue protection intensively. Both are the main factors restrict China's export for the next several decades or even longer.

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