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Geopolitical Changes in China

            Geopolitical challenges of China nowadays are directly connected with the perspective of becoming a superpower. That is why in order to investigate Chinese status it is necessary to elaborate on Chinese geopolitical environment its conditions and prospects. During centuries geopolitics of China was dualistic. From the one hand China belonged to the Rimland and from the other hand to the Pacific Ocean shore. Nevertheless China always was a Tellurocracy with land orientation. For centuries China was a victim of expansions and geopolitical aggression. Was occupied by Mongolia and suffered from Japanese expansion before World War the Second. From the beginning of 19th century China became a colony of the West and Great Britain in particular. Such dependence turned Chinese geopolitical direction to the Atlanticism until communist victory over Kuomintang (Chinese nationalist party) in 1949. China became a part of the Soviet and Eurasian geopolitics under the communist rule. At the same time China tried to create and develop state geopolitical policy but after the death of nation leader Mao Zedong in 1976 geopolitics was shifted to the West again into Atlanticism. Such direction was based on the notion of Western welfare and its benefits. China was interested in Western resources, credits and technologies for its own industrial development. Such cooperation advantages and benefits were not available in Communist Soviet Union. Moreover China was very curious about its population which in the middle of 21 century will reach 1.5 billion of people. Such overpopulation requires new territories and potential enlargement. China expected to find additional territory in the Far East and on the North. In this perspective a deep cooperation with Soviet Union and later on with Russia will block any Chinese activities in the process of potential enlargement in Far East, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. After the fall of communism new multipolar world create prospects for cooperation and integration on the basis of the whole world community without dividing into the blocks.

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