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The Growing Demand for Fresh Water

            "Whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting over.
             The paper deals with geopolitical contexts of the growing demand for water resources on a global level. The fact of increasing water consumption is caused by number of reasons, such as growing population, development of agricultural production, rise of towns, etc. Therefore it is possible to expect the increasing number and the growing extent of areas where the lack of water will cause the emergence of conflicts. Dealing with the problem will become an important challenge of the future. .
             The most frequent reasons for armed conflicts between states but also inside them are generally considered as ethnic, racial and religious differences, border and territorial disputes or power and political rivalry. Their control over raw material resources has played an essential role in many conflicts although this reason was not apparently dominant while the conflict was arising. .
             In connection with the anticipated development it can be expected that especially this factor will play an increasingly important role in the genesis of conflict situations in the world. Growing demand for raw materials will undoubtedly cause a change in behavior of the power and political entities (especially countries) at the international level. It relates to the fact that more countries share majority of raw material resources. It may be assumed that in case a country exhausts resources in its own territory it will look for alternatives apart from its territory, i.e. in the territory of another country. Such solution may face resistance, which in case of further existing animosities will increase a mutual conflict potential. .
             One of the key material resources is freshwater considered as a non-renewable resource. The reason is especially its scarce amount, growing consumption and uneven distribution of water resources on our planet. Therefore, it may be expected that one of the main reasons to create tension between countries in the nearest future will be control over freshwater supply.

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