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Global Water Scarcity

            Water impacts on communities' lifestyles and economic wellbeing, through such things as the water footprint of individuals and business. Describe the implications of water use in both rural and urban areas. Use specific examples from different countries. Water is important for living things in this world. Human being, living organism other than human, and each of plants require water to survive and to evolve. The world's fresh water available is under 3 per cents, other than this is seawater and water that cannot be consumed. From this 3 per cent, 2.5 per cents of fresh water is frozen and mostly amassed in the Antarctica, in the Arctic and glaciers, and unreachable by human. Therefore, there is only 0.5 per cent available for mankind and natural environment (UNESCO 2003).
             People's use of water is huge due to improved lifestyle and the increase number of population in the world. Thus, the need of water is increasingly huge. The Pollution has increasingly becoming a main source in reducing the freshwater resources. The water that is consumed by world population is contaminated by some 2 millions tons of waste, consist of wastes from industry and chemicals, wastes from mankind as well as the ones produced by agricultural activities. It is estimated that 50 per cents of population in developing countries exposed to polluted water sources and those who mostly affected are poor people (A World of Science 2003) Each year, human acquire some amount of water for household use or domestic, agricultural and industrial uses. In order to provide the data how much freshwater available that have been consumed water footprint assessment is the best way to be applied here. It primarily provides data about how much amount of water appropriated by human during certain period of time.
             In Kyrgyzstan agriculture has been an essential area for its economic growth, it contributes 20% of its GDP (gross domestic product) in 2011, 96% of overall water extraction were allocated to agricultural sector in 2010.

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