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What is the Role of Globalization on Urban Urbanization?

            2 What is the Role of Globalization on Urban Urbanization.
             There is a fine line being drawn between urban and rural areas. The line is becoming thicker because globalization "is a multifaceted process of drawing countries, cities and people ever closer together through increasing flows of goods, services, capital, technology and ideas" ("Lo, Fu-chen"). No one can fathom the thought of Globalization having a negative effect. The benefits that come along with Globalization are being distributed unevenly in the cities, "the central challenge of the 21st century will be how to make both globalization on cities and what can be done to ensure that the fruits of globalization are shared more equally" ("Cost, Benefits"). Urbanization life style has imposed more problems on mother earth than benefits. Our demand for comfort is rising and to satisfy our comfort we are destroying natural recreation areas. This life style also promotes commuting, leading to pollution, and more energy consumption. .
             Globalization has shunned its negative effect on many countries throughout the world. The negative effects are apparent due to low income, the costs of living has increased, which leads most families to experience poverty. The cities are home to more than half of the world's population, and the "reports note that one billion urban inhabitants live in inadequate housing, mostly in the slums and squatter settlements in developing countries" ("Cost, Benefits"). It might come, as a shock, but even the well-developed countries, such as the United States has not figured out a solution for the homeless. With diverse population comes segregation, not in restaurants, but on a higher scale, such as housing market, occupation and living standards. The technology is growing so rapidly that it tends to leave people behind, which can have a negative effect in the long run. In broad, Africa and Asia have encountered more serious problems, such as sewerage system, potable water, and fertile land.

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