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Pakistan and the Application of Mortgage Law

             Pakistan is going through a turbulent phase of its political and economic existence with the latter becoming more important all the time. This study which focuses on the need for housing finance in the country to not only provide much needed housing but also to boost the economy stresses on the need for the government and the private sector to unite together in tackling the need. This means the housing finance sector and the government have to work together. When legislation is improved for a structural framework to be installed concerning housing laws and its financing, chances for this succeeding will greatly increase.
             Globally developed nations are far ahead of developing countries as far as housing and its financing are concerned. Countries like Pakistan are in the very embryonic stages of studying the problem much less having a concerted effort to resolve the dilemma. Pakistan is even far behind India in this regard. In this paper I am investigating the nature of the problem and what solutions can be evolved so that Pakistan could advance in this regard for the betterment of its economy and the housing situation of its peoples. .
             This is a very interesting and challenging problem and I am much grateful in being able to probe the issue in greater depth. The research done on this issue has been an enlightening experience and the possible solutions are encouraging. I believe that with effort and uniformity in seeing the end product, success can be attained as long as the goals are realistic and realizable. .
             Executive Summary .
             Pakistan is going through a critical phase of its existence with the upsurge in crime, the chronic terrorism gnawing away at its security and the economic crisis which is affected by these problems. In order for the nations' economy to develop various issues have to be resolved, and the mortgage financing system being one of them as mortgage financing is very much an integral part of any country's economic success.

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