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Library Automation in Pakistan

             The introduction of the information technology (IT) in the libraries has changed the concept of availability of information services in Pakistan. The management and dissemination of information is eased by the use of IT which enhances the technical services in libraries of Pakistan. This has transformed the traditional library into a digital library. This article performs a literature review on implementing IT in Pakistani libraries. The literature includes material from different published journal articles of various researchers that are based on the scenario prevailing in Pakistan. It discusses the use of IT, current status of library automation, the need for computerization of libraries and the problems faced by the library professionals in this process. It is important to point out that focus is on both the public and private sector libraries of Pakistan, following a brief comparison between them. To achieve our goal, of providing the most refined information about automating libraries in Pakistan, we have gone through a detailed analysis of a number of journal articles and we have critically evaluated them from every aspect to come up with the conclusion that holds the findings of research and the recommendations for the readers on the improvement of the level of IT used in Pakistan, to meet the information needs of the end users to cope up with the dynamic global environment.
             Key Words.
             Libraries, Pakistan, Automation, Information Technology, Technical Services.
             Libraries play an important role in the development of a society. It is a need due to which libraries are changed with the passage of time.IT is used in libraries to collect, organize, present and distribute information. Internet is an IT application which is very helpful in libraries. It provides access to online e books and PDF documents. The technology alone is not sufficient for the users unless librarians use the technology in a strategic way to organize the library services, resources and information systems in a suitable way so that they are efficiently utilized by the users.

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