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Life in Pakistan

             Pakistani's enjoy close relationships with people, including foreigners. They're interested in a person's history - where a person is from, what family they belong to and where they received education. Pakistanis are open to discuss family as long as it is limited to the male members of the family. Pakistanis don't discuss women in public. .
             To start a conversation, introduce yourself by stating your name, country you come from, education and some brief family history. Also, it might be good to mention countries you have previously visited because Pakistani's take pride in the fact that they know something about other countries and cultures. A good topic for discussion is the local and regional history of Pakistan as it is elaborate and extensive. .
             Once personal information is shared, Pakistanis become very friendly. In Pakistan the two most discussed topics are Politics and Religion. These topics can be a touchy and should probably be avoided in the first meeting especially for foreigners. Only locals discuss politics amongst themselves and mention by a foreigner can easily offend them particularly if one speaks on behalf of another political party. Pakistani's are deeply religious people and it is very easy to offend someone if the Islamic religion is talked about in even a slightly derogatory manner. .
             Aside from religion, the Pakistanis are huge fans of Cricket. The World Cup, Sharja Cup, and International Club can be great talking points, especially when discussing the performance of the Pakistani cricket team. This is a conversation that both old and young will have. .
             2. Pakistani's generally have closer body contact than the United States but only with members of the same sex. Both men and women generally hug each other while meeting even for the first time. Women also kiss each other on the cheeks but men do not. Holding hands and putting arm around the other person of the same sex are normal and show closeness and intimacy.

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