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Physical Activity

            Physical activity among our society is at a minimum according to the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine. Research has shown that regular exercise can benefit us in many ways other than just physical appearance. Exercise can prevent several diseases, promotes psychological well-being, and develops healthier bones. Diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer, hypertension and obesity are to name a few diseases that exercise can help prevent.
             The minimum amount of recommended time for physical activity by specialists is at least thirty minutes of moderate activity a day at least fives times per week. This does not mean one must make time to exercise everyday, but the more the better! Exercise has been researched a healthy way to relieve stress and reduce blood pressure levels. It is also an enjoyable way to relax, entertain spectators, boost confidence levels, socialize and get in great shape! Exercising can also teach one self discipline and other types of important psychological factors.

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