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The Pourpas Of High School

            I think that the purpose of High School is to get you ready for collage. It is also to continue the process of getting you ready for life. In life you are going to need the skills and knowledge that was taught to you in High School. You are going to need to know how to do math if you want to be a banker, how to spell if you are going to be a journalist. Education is not only needed for those jobs it is needed in every job in some way or another. Education does not stop at High School, what and how good you do in High School will determine what collages you can and can't go to. If you are planning to go to a good collage and don't think your grades in High School will matter later in life you are going to get smacked in the face by reality. You will have nowhere to go but a community collage or J.R collage, or get a job at McDonald's. I also think that you should not have to question the purpose of High School, it is just common sense to go. .
             Since I am in High School and I know how important it is I want to do the best that I can. Last year I had a problem with turning in assignments, I was not very organized so I either lost the assignment or forgot to do it because I didn't write it down. This year I plan to correct that by organizing my papers and writing down every assignment so I don't forget any. Another way I plan to maximize my time in High School is by taking classes that are going to prepare me for the carrier that I plan to have.
             I will try my hardest to get the best grades that I can in all my classes. The only way that I can get the best grades that I can in classed I have to show up for class. Last year I had no problem with that and this year I plan to continue that.

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