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The High School Jungle

            Have you ever walked through a dense, nearly impassable jungle? Well, if you've ever visited and/or attended a High School in your entire life, then you have. Obviously, that's a metaphor. You see, a High School is absolutely flooded with freshmen going to their lockers, walking or sprinting from class to class, or even trying to buy "darts " from all the druggies and bad kids at our school. The 5 minutes you have going from class to class is your biggest life struggle. Sucking in, squeezing and squeaking past all of the little brats, saying excuse me every 5 seconds, yet they don't acknowledge you one bit and keep walking like they're king shit (pardon my language, had to emphasize what they think their rank in the High School food chain is). Now, how about I take you on a tour through this jungle, and explain and show you what it's like to be a sophomore, junior, or senior, having to deal with all these little freshmen.
             First off, there are rules in High School. I don't mean the common No hands, no feet, no mean words. I mean ranks, and what the job and rules are for each rank.
             Freshmen, ah yes, the "fresh meat ". This class is at the base of our rank pyramid. They're the scavengers that run around and depend on others. They cannot move on their own, it seems that they always have to clutter up into a group of at least 6 and zigzag from side to side blocking everyone's way. They've been known to act like idiots and try to fit in, yet horribly fail and end up being hated even more than they already are. Then, there are sophomores. They're the new recruits, just flying above the thin line between being hated (the freshmen) and fitting in with the crowd. They like to stay low and keep their head down to avoid any trouble with the higher ranks.
             Juniors are the middle class I guess you could say, they're quite respected, yet don't have full authority in High School. They're like the seniors wingman! Although, some seniors use the juniors instead of respect them.

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