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Going to a Cyber High School

            Going to a cyber high school full-time can have some benefits but, they are all in perspective. The differences in social interaction, in class distractions, and academics should all be put into perspective. One person may think that a cyber school is better because they just simply can not concentrate in class with all of the other people distracting them. Where as, another student may find that the social interaction helps them and they can get a better understanding of the coarse material.
             While attending a cyber school there is an obvious benefit of waking up and not having to get dressed and go to school. Some students may even leave the room while the teacher is talking and he may never know that the student is not paying attention. So, is it truly worth it to go to cyber school? High school is supposed to be the best time of a person's life. They can enjoy almost all of the freedoms that adults can but without the hassle of paying bills and worrying about a place to live or maybe a steady supply of food. While attending high school, there can be some disadvantages such as relationships, friendships, etc. but the overall experience and the face to face interaction with the teacher not through a computer screen is more impactful towards an education. .
             Through cyber school, social interactions are usually at a minimum. This can make it hard in the future for different events such as a party, social gathering, job interview, etc. In addition to few social interactions, are the students really learning just as much as a real school or maybe even more? It is easy to think that they are because of the "one on one" interaction with the teacher. According to Nate Kusich, who attends Agora Cyber Charter, often times students will get up and leave the room and go do something else at home while the teacher continues to teach. Also, where are the athletic credits? While going to a cyber school a student just sits in a seat and listens to their teacher talk.

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