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Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman – Fiction

            1) The setting of Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman is in Lara Kelly's small neighborhood along with many more characters. It takes place in modern times, with internet and Facebook. As of social condition, it's very poor, everyone is arguing with each other and Lara isn't mentally stable. An old friend does something to Lara, out of jealousy and pure disgust.
             2) Lara Kelly is a really hard character to understand, she's gone through so many things. She is a very caring person at heart and she falls in love too fast, she's also really quirky and has high expectations but, when she is in a stressful situation she shuts people out and goes into her own world of thinking. She lives with both her mom and dad, and little sister Sydney. Along with her caring personality she also gets irritated quickly, she questions herself a lot too. In middle school Lara had a best friend named Bree, but as Lara got bullied for her weight she developed depression and complained to Bree. After years of complaining about her horrible life, when her and Bree started high school Bree cut it off and made new friends. She is average height, with brown hair and brown eyes, and she has a fit body from staying healthy.
             3) Lara Kelly just recently started high school at Lake Hills, her mental state and weight has improved since middle school. She met a new boy, supposedly a senior at East River, a high school that a one of her cousins attended. His name was Christian DeWitt and he was hinting that he wanted to go to his home coming dance with Lara. Little did Lara know that Christian DeWitt was her former best friend, Bree Connors and her mother. In middle school, Lara was overweight and depressed, so she complained to Bree everyday about her "terrible life". Bree was sick of it and when they started high school she thought it was her chance to get away from Lara. On Bree's side of this, her mom didn't make the cheerleading squad in high school so she pushed Bree to do cheerleading ever since she was four years old.

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