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            Recent advancement in science has made it possible for the existence of artificial intelligence. We have come to rely on artificial intelligence to improve our quality of life and to protect us from our enemies. In the 80's the world was at a state of demise with the threat of Cold War. The result of Cold war with the new aged nuclear weapons would have resulted in annihilation of the human race at an apocalyptic proportion. We as citizens seem to have a love/ hate relationship with technology. We embrace technology when it is of benefit to us but at the same time we are quick to condemn it when it goes dire. We have to realize that technology is a creation of man. The creator has the ultimate control. The creator has the ultimate control up to the point of the invention of the technology but once it has been produced it can never be erased. For example, the creation of a bomb only resulted in designing more potent bombs. .
             Artificial intelligence and cognitive science is the lifeblood of science fiction films. The Science fiction films have always flirted with the notion that technology or machine could take over and replace the real world, as we know it and make the humans obsolete. In the movie directed by James Cameron The Terminator? and the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day?, the concept of a machine destroying all traces of human being is the premises of the movie. These Two movies exhibit the cruelty of the technology and the nuclear fatalism. These two movies explore many aspects. We will examine the main themes present in the movie. The idea of artificial intelligence and their ability to have human like characteristics and the subject of feminism, which is ever present in both the movies.
             In the movieThe Terminator? the film's main theme is the idea of anapocalyptic struggle to save humanity from a world of self-aware computers and autonomous machines?. Sarah Conner learns about the danger that is in store for the future.

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