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             Did you ever grab a pad of paper and draw pictures to make a short little clip of animated film by flipping the pad of paper? For me, movies have always been fascinating. I watch them all the time because movies are art. I have even tried making my own movie. My sister paid me to do her movie for her film class. That was the first time I enjoyed doing school work. Let me tell you, filming movies are not easy. You must have perfect lighting, camera shots, etc. just to make it work. Every director has their own style of making a film. There are many styles in cinema, but the most well known is Hollywood style. The classical Hollywood style has been around for years. Almost every movie made today is in Hollywood style. Every blockbuster movie you rent will have at least one Hollywood characteristic. What is Hollywood style? Hollywood style can be seen in a lot of movies, but The Terminator stands out for me. Discussing the Terminator, I will tell you what Hollywood style is. The typical Hollywood movie will always center the movie around the main characters. What I mean by that is, every technique used in a movie helps the viewer get to know the characters. Every technique sets just the right mood for the scene. The typical Hollywood movie will use camera angles, distance, camera movement, lighting, music, and sound to develop the characters. .
             First, Hollywood movies use a lot camera tricks to develop the characters. For example, in the opening scene of the Terminator, the terminator is sent back in time to kill Sarah Conner. The terminator is a evil robot, so the makers of the movie use camera angles and distance to let the view know that this robot is bad. First they show just the leg of the terminator, then it moves up to his face. At first the camera has a keeps a good distance away, but when it gets to the terminators face it zooms up. This is to intimidate you, and let you know he is one bad son of a gun.

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