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Terminator vs The Conservative??

             Terminator Vs. The Conservative?.
             The California recall election has three major candidates for governor of California, Cruz Bustamante (Democrat), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican), and Tom McClintock (Republican). With Schwarzenegger and McClintock criticizing each other, rather than their Democratic counterpart, they will cause the GOP members and Republican Party votes to split. So many voters and Republicans are questioning McClintock decision to stay in the recall race. .
             For example "as county chairmen from around the state hastily scheduled a meeting.,(Finnegan and Barabak, "The Recall Campaign-), "Some McClintock loyalist viewed the gathering as a backdoor attempt to push through Schwarzenegger endorsement and pressure the Thousand Oaks state senator to quit the race- (Finnegan and Barabak, "The Recall Campaign-). These two candidates have criticized the way each one is handling campaign money. Schwarzenegger criticizes McClintock for his acceptance of campaign money from Indian tribes (who also donates campaign money to Bustamante). McClintock criticizes Schwarzenegger by saying, "This man just a few years ago was ashamed to be Republican- (Finnegan and Barabak, "The Recall Campaign-). H also criticizes Schwarzenegger, on the fact that he pledged he wouldn't accept money from special interest groups when he has already accepted millions, calling him hypocritical.
             McClintock has had great pressure to quit the recall race from his fellow GOP members but he doesn't care. "The pressure on McClintock to drop out and throw his votes to Schwarzenegger " a political rookie whose moderate views are shared by many Democrats " has been intense- (Finnegan and Barabak, "The Recall Campaign-).

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