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Micro Soft Audit

            Microsoft, manufactures, licenses, and supports a host of software products for a number of computing devices. Their software includes operating systems for "intelligent devices, personal computers and servers; server applications for client/server environments; knowledge worker productivity applications; and software development tools. They also license consumer software programs; sell PC input devices; train and certify system integrators; and research and develop advanced technologies for future software products."" Should there be a reference here?.
             Microsoft's ambitions are anything but small. The world's #1 software company provides a variety of products and services, including its Windows operating systems and Office Suite software. The company has expanded into markets such as video game consoles, interactive television, and Internet access. With its core markets maturing, Microsoft is targeting services for growth, looking to transform its software applications into Web-based services for enterprises and consumers. Microsoft has reached a tentative settlement to end an ongoing antitrust investigation, agreeing to uniformly license its operating systems and allow manufacturers to include competing software with Windows (Company Information).
             The following issues involving Microsoft were researched and analyzed in preparation for the production of this audit report. The three issues that were picked involve Microsoft's employment discrimination troubles, anti-trust/monopoly problems, and revenue reporting investigations by the SEC. Following the legal audits, the appendix contains basic financial statements, a 5-year stock chart, and the 20 most recent insider trades as of March 2003.
             Employment Discrimination.
             When it rains, it pours. The Associated Press headline and story lead-in of January 2001, announcing Jackson v. Microsoft, must have caused the hearts of anti-trust-weary Microsoft supporters to skip a beat: "New Trouble for Microsoft: Software Giant Facing Discrimination Suit.

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