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External and Internal Auditing

            There is no doubt that the auditing all over the world is an important process because having a big role to explore and prevent the fraud by depending on reality and what the individuals recorded on the daily transaction .As a result every business in both private and public sectors rely on this process .This essay will focus on the exact meaning of auditing and explain the main difference between external and internal auditing or auditors. First and foremost, according to (Stuart, 2012) the revision of information in financial statement which is organized by supervisor of company is known as an audit. The individuals who assess this information must not be an employee in this company, but should be an accountant in other firms that related with company. The outcomes of any firm are essential and should be accurate in order to make a right decision for users in the outside such as bankers and shareholders. In addition it has been pointed out (Get Through Guides Ltd, 2011) that the person who is known as a competence, independence and objectives is an auditing individuals. Then they prepare a written description which must be clear because the reader might have not enough acquaintance on accounting.
             One major difference between external and internal auditor is responsibility in their works. (Oregan, 2003) states that the external auditor focus on reviewing of financial statement, while internal auditors in charge of various tasks. For example finance auditing, fraud realizing and ecosystem auditing. Moreover, (Pop et al. 2002) demonstrated that this latter covering all operation which occurs in company. Furthermore, objectivity is another important point that shows the different between tow main kinds of viewers. It means the fact they depended on their job .According to Get Through Guide, 2011) the auditors who work outside company which related to detecting fact and fairness of financial statement, yearly .

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