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The High School Clique

             High School, it is where you will meet a variety of people. It is one of your first exposures to what you think the world is going to be like. In high school, you have your "in crowd", your "freaks", and of course your "nerds". Pretty much everyone fit into one of these categories, well unless you were just there. Maybe, you were one of the people that just sat back and categorized everyone else? I am going to give you a first hand look into my high school, and let you know what category, or clique I feel into.
             My high school of course had its "nerds". This is a good place to start, because more people fell into this category than you think. At my school, it was actually acceptable to be a "nerd". At school, we had something called the International Baccalaureates program, which was for the smartest students. This program had a mix of people in it, even part of the "in crowd" was in I.B. There were also the "geeks", I guess you can call them, who lived for school and did nothing but study. The "geeks" received a little bit of slack by the other people in I.B. Being in I.B., you were separated from the other students in your class, and had the same classes with the same people for all four years. The "geeks" were the ones who did the full I.B. program, the others only did a few classes in their strongest subject.
             The next group that we had was the "freaks", or the "goths", who dressed in all black, painted their faces white, and wore off the wall make- up. These people were very quiet and reserved. They hung out solely with other "goths". Most of the time they just glared at you, and kept to themselves. The "goths" had their own little society that no one really knew about. I cannot put into words how they went about at school, but it was almost mysterious.
             The last major group that my high school had was the "in crowd". The "in crowd" had various sub- groups in it. The "in crowd" was comprised of the jocks, the cheerleaders, the dancers, and the regular "in crowd" popular people who, did not participate in anything in particular.

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