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What to Know Before Going to College

            Before entering college, I wasn't too sure what to expect. After getting different opinions for different people, I had mixed expectations. Some of my expectations were good, others not so great. I knew I would have to adjust to the transition from high school to college. I knew certain aspects of college life would challenge me. I expected to take on some responsibilities and act more like an adult.
             Class hours was a major aspect of college that I knew would challenge me. Attending a class once or twice a week for 50 minutes to possibly 3 hours was something that would be new for me. I knew I would have to take on the responsibility of learning on my own time outside of the classroom. Entering college, I expected to have to brace myself for the pressure college had to offer. The pressure of being forced to take on much more responsibilities was an expectation I didn't look forward to. I also didn't look forward to expecting to have to pay my college expenses. In high school you receive your textbooks for free; whereas in college you have to purchase a textbook for almost every class you take. You are responsible for purchasing anything a professor requires in his/her course. And the class will go on whether you have it or not.
             In college, you are expected to act more like an adult. In high school some teachers are willing to give you second chance after acting like a class clown. Some teacher are willing to look pass your nuisance like behavior and maybe still pass you. In college, there is no tolerance for students who behave inappropriately. You're expected to act and behave as an adult should. The consequence of failing is something that can easily happen if you plan to behave like a child in college. The social environment was an aspect of college that I had positive expectations for. While in college I've realized that my expectations were accurate. College offers less social rejections and distractions than high school.

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