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Attending a University or College

            When students graduate high school everyone's got their own choices of what kind of education they want to get. Study in a community college for two years or university for four years? Which is the most advantages? Which is the cheapest and has more job opportunities faster than the other? These are questions many students have in mind these days. For most parents studying in a community college is not as respective as studying in a university. It's all about the respect, class, money, and for some other parents any kind of college will be fine as long as they can feel happy and proud to say their child graduated from a college with a degree. When comparing universities and community colleges the first and the most important question that pops into the minds of both parents and students is the difference in the school fees. The reason for this is mostly the number of different educational programs these colleges offer, and also the food transportation and living expenses. .
             Community colleges can have many advantages just as much as the universities. Community colleges are also known as a two year college. These two year colleges offers many of the general subjects that a four year college does, and the first two years in a university is usually spent taking general education but the same general subjects can be taken from a community college for a cheaper price. Community colleges offer only associates degrees, also students can be any age so anyone and everyone who wants to earn a degree just in two years in order to apply for a job can study in a community college. Two year colleges have classes on weekends, online classes and evening classes this offers the flexibility for every student to carry on with education while doing other important things in life. Most of the students tend to pick community colleges over a four year college is because it's easier to apply and get a job, affordable and its only two years.

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