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My contribution to the university

            Being accepted to attend the University of Texas at Austin, would not only benefit my educational needs, but also the university in their cultural aspect, and promotional advancement .
             As an African American female, my attendance to the university increases the minority rate, and gender involvement. Also, as a Nigerian descent, I can bring new customs and culture awareness to educate the university on the livelihood in Nigeria. Many children born from parents raised in Nigeria achieve highly due to the constant educational assistant. As my major in medicine, I plan to bring outstanding contribution to the College of Natural Sciences with my wide knowledge of different medical advancements around the world. .
             My acceptance to attend UT Austin would give the university more recognition by myself being a role model towards fellow high school students. I would promote the image of the school as an institution with class as well as one that knows how to handle student's issues. My success at the College of Natural Sciences would encourage other peers and those who love to have careers in medicine to attend UT Austin to receive high quality teaching and skills. .
             The love I have for my education and goals will be highly compatible with the students and teachers at UT Austin. My strong will and family attribution help aid in my ongoing work in becoming the best in all that I do, and I know that being at the University of Texas at Austin would only increase the campus involvement in establishing this goal for all the students. .

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