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Personal Goals

             In the following paragraphs I will discuss some of my goals that I intend to achieve as a student at the University of Phoenix. I have many goals; some are short term and some long term. I hope that after reading this you will have a better understanding of just a few of my goals.
             The first goal that I have is to become better at communication, by this I mean verbal and written forms of communicating. I am a small business owner and as such I need to be able to communicate my work expectations to my employees. Communicating with my customers is also very important. I need to be able to understand their needs and wants and be able to explain to them in a clear and concise way that I will be able to fulfill that need or want. Additionally, I am employed full time as a mid-level supervisor by a local defense contractor and have the same need to communicate clearly to the employees that I am responsible for. I would also like to improve my writing skills. I am frequently required to produce written reports. I want to be able to write a professional report with confidence. .
             I have a goal to learn. I know that this is not a very specific goal, but I believe that any knowledge gained is not wasted. Learning in general will make me a better person. Learning will benefit me in both my professional life and my personal life. I want to obtain the knowledge and skills that will allow my business to grow and expand. I want to learn how to become better at marketing and managing my business. I want to learn the skills that successful business people know. I want to learn the skills required to better understand and deal with my employees, coworkers and customers. .
             Another goal that I have is to improve my team building and team working skills. The team concept is used frequently by my employer to perform process improvements and to identify and correct deficiencies. I want to become a greater asset to my employer by making larger contributions to the team concept.

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