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Personal Goals

             According to Quentin who has them, he can achieve life long success. His goals may be of an uncommon or common task. It begins with a vision or he can plan with an idea. He can even gain endurance, by just having the will power and determination. Furthermore, personal goals can be broken up into categories. Such as short term and long term goals plays a major role in his attending the University of Phoenix. His short term goals may include, today's "To do list", meeting deadlines on the job and end of the day meditation. On the other hand; long term goals may include receiving a degree, owning a business and planning or investing in his retirement, being persistent in pursuing excellence would also help nurture his personal achievements. Dennis Kimbro wrote "implanted within us is the need to continually improve our condition- a desire for fulfillment, a stirring ambition. These drives motivate us to seek and fine; to look within ourselves and to seek without; to attain a way of life that will produce for us that new, better, more developed level of existence.".
             To further this analogy on personal goals question are frequently asked "How can having these goals enhance him? What skills can he use to help achieve his goals? Why should he determine his goals? Enhancing himself can be challenging although, change is required of everyone. It's not only good for him, even the University of Phoenix benefit of his metamorphism. Also, he may use certain skills that were acquired in past years. Skills defined such as communication and learning in addition, organization skills play a vital part. Cornel West wrote" organization is power, a power essential to a vigorous democracy. Disorganization is to drift, to accident, to fate." He should determine his goals. Equally important, this will assist him in moving ahead in the positive direction of his higher learning.

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