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Personal Goals

             My name is xxxxxx and I am writing this paper to outline my personal goals as they relate to work, school, family, etc. I will also include some strategies that I intend on using to reach these goals. My hope is that after reading this paper you will have a fairly good understanding of what my goals are and how I hope to achieve them. .
             When it comes to my family, my goals are very simple. I want to be the best husband and father that I can be. I have been married to my wife for a little over 6 years and we have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. My wife has a 14 year old daughter from a previous marriage. We have decided that two children in the household are more than enough and are not planning on having any more. In the next five years we are planning on selling our house and buying a bigger home closer to my work. We thought it would be best to wait until our oldest daughter graduates high school. After the kids move out and we finally retire, my wife and I hope to sell our house, get an RV and travel. We talked about traveling throughout the country for a year or so before coming home and buying a nice condo somewhere.
             My goal for school is to graduate and receive my Bachelors in Information Technology. Because my work is paying for my education based on a percentage according to my grades, I hope to receive at least a B+ in all of my classes. Because of my workload and family, it will require a real effort in order to accomplish this. I hope to become more technical as a result of my classes. This is something that I have been lacking since graduating with my associates over tem years ago. I have made a promise to myself that I would not let outside distractions get in my way of getting my degree.
             When it comes to my work, the goals get a little more complicated. I have been at my current place of employment for a little over 10 years now. I am currently a manager and hope to move up to a vice president in a very short time.

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