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Personal Goals

             As for me, my personal goals is to finish school and earned a degree in the.
             Also advance in my military career, take care of my family and.
             retire. I have been wanting to return to school for quite sometime but having a wife and.
             children, pretty much takes my time.
             I take this opportunity to further define my future. What are some of the goals.
             which I have? You may not at this moment have a second home as a goal, but you might.
             have goals for the future which, if fulfilled, would bring you just a littler closer to those.
             dreams. Dreams are fanciful; they are things you want which have not yet set a goal to.
             achieve. Goals, however are things you believe you can achieve. Goals represent a.
             vision for your future that you know you can have, with effort, determination, and .
             Before, I never really liked school to be honest. It was something that you have.
             to do. But now I see how important education can really be. I now encourage my.
             nieces and nephews to learn as much as possible and get a degree. Life is not easy.
             It is how you live everyday to determine the outcome of the future.
             I am in the military. I have been in for thirteen years now. Always did every.
             type of training that they would given us. I guess what I am trying to say is when you.
             realize the importance of what you want in the future, you have to put things in.
             perspective and try to accomplish it.
             I have always had goals but I never really tried to reach them. Always afraid.
             of failing. Or maybe I figured I always set it too high. So here I am, seventeen years later.
             trying to accomplish something that I barely achieved back then when I was in school.
             To be able to complete this course would put me one step closer to accomplish.
             my goals. I will learn how each other interact in organizational settings. I will share a.
             lot of experiences with my team. It will help me in my work environment.

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