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Personal Goals

             As a college student I have a wide variety of goals that I would like to achieve. I have three major goals. First, I would like to become more focused and better organized within my learning environment. I would like to be able to manage my time more efficiently between taking care of my child, work, education, shopping and other aspects of my life. I have found it difficult to effectively manage my time therefore I would like to find more time for everything I have to accomplish on a day to day basis. By attending classes online, I am able to take care of my infant son on a full time basis. Otherwise, I would have to leave him with a caregiver for the most part of the day. These online classes gives me the much needed time to take care of him and be able to watch him grow in these crucial first times of his life. Even though I have never attended a regular campus I prefer to attend online classes because it gives me the space I need to learn on my own time. .
             Second, through education I would like to transition from learning student to working professional. I would like to overcome my fears of failure and have more confidence and expertise in my chosen profession. Achieving my educational goals will help me to further my career and make a better life for my son and I. I desire to lead a stable, financially secure existance and intern a solid educational foundation will help me to acquire this need. I have always thought of myself as a hard worker. Now it is time to work smarter and not harder. I say work smarter and in that I mean using my mind to the fullest extent possible. I am a first generation college student in my family and I hope to be able to complete my education to my satisfaction. I want to know later in life I achieved every goal I set out to and not look back and think to myself I wish I would have done it differently. I find myself already doing that but since I am only twenty five I feel I have the time needed to make a change and make a difference in my future.

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