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Personal Goals

            Personal Goals That I Want to Achieve.
             I am excited to be back at school again. One might ask "Why?" My answer would be this, "Why not?" - I may now achieve some of my personal goals in life as a student at the University of Phoenix. Personal growth, success in the marketing field and an eagerness for a new life adventure are the goals that I want to achieve as a student. Let's step back in time a little bit. My first goal was to get enrolled in an undergraduate program at University of Phoenix. It was difficult to decide which undergraduate program to choose. Do I want to follow a career in Marketing (I am a marketing assistant) or do I want to obtain a degree in another field? I have asked myself many times how in the world will I juggle my family life, work and a student life. Anyway, I succeeded in enrollment! That was one step towards reaching my goal. But what's next? After two weeks of class, I am now asked to write an essay about my personal goals. Why is it so important to have personal goals to achieve a degree at University of Phoenix? Because, University of Phoenix allows the adult learner to learn about his/her self, learn about others and learn to be successful in any achievement. So, I have begun the difficult task of examining myself - to ask questions - to determine where this road will lead - perhaps, to new personal goals!.
             When I was in high school more than thirty years ago, my parents" wishes were that my siblings and myself would attend college. I asked myself many times, "How does one know what he/she wants to do with his/her life at the age of 18?" The idea was daunting to me. This little country girl aspired to succeed at marriage and raise a family - not college! Well, unforeseen circumstances led me to a community college for two years and I became the first one in the family to attend college. In community college, my goal was to obtain an Associate Degree in order to support my son and myself.

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