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Personal Goals

             When I was growing up I always dreamed of being a policeman. I wanted to save the lady in distress, the child who was hungry, or the drunken man from hurting himself and others. Those days are long gone and now I am searching for a way to be a man, still with a vision, but with a career that I can enjoy. Where my life has taken me to now, this is the road I must take. I believe that the University of Phoenix is the road that will lead me down the path of success. Of course, along this road are a few goals I must achieve before I can hike my way into the business world. .
             Abraham Lincoln is famous for saying, "I am not concerned with whether you fail, but whether you are content with your failure." This is something that I strongly believe. One of my goals while attending the University of Phoenix is to try my hardest to be successful along the path. I do not want to just get-by, but I want to succeed with brilliance. I have a few more years behind me now than I did when I first started college as a fresh-faced eighteen year old. I was content with failure then. My focus was fun and freedom. My focus has changed and so has my attitude concerning school. Goals of success in school seem more reachable than they were before. They used to feel so distant. I never thought an education would be so important to me. Now, I am ready to succeed and to face failure with an attitude of discontentment. Success is more than a word on a teacher's poster. It is what I have goaled my self to being. I know my best and I am ready to show it and live it. And, to quote another well known plastic military man, "Knowing is half the battle.".
             Attending the University of Phoenix on-line program is giving me the chance to learn. At this point in my life, I have more responsibilities than ever. I am learning through experience so many things that I never knew I never knew. I have a goal to .
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