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Research for My Next Business Venture

             In 2012, I considered myself completely retired. Recently, I decided to pursue a new business venture, one that would keep me active in my community while accomplishing the satisfaction of being an Entrepreneur. This research on my next business venture examines the nonprofit sector; how organizations operate at an accounting profit but are still considered a not-for-profit organization and philanthropy. This paper compares the effectiveness of an independent Capital Campaign Consultant with a Director of Development. The examination of internal or external fundraising managers gives a perspective for my decision to launch an enterprise that will collaborate with nonprofit organizations for fundraising or to strengthen its ability to succeed in the fundraising process, gaining operating capital as well as grant proposal writing.
             My Next Career.
             A Research on My Next Business Venture.
             June 30, 2010 I retired from the United States Marine Corps, ending a twenty year career as an Active Duty Marine. While serving on Active Duty I started a home based business coordinating events and weddings, which I launched, my husband and I financed and marketed without loans or financial assistance. In growing a small business from a home based office to a brick and mortar enterprise, I learned that my personal career aspiration would be more than getting a position in a lucrative corporation; one goal for my life consists of becoming an Entrepreneur.1 When I envision myself five years from now, I see an insightful founder and president of a corporation who is not only a strategic decision maker but also an ethical leader guiding a socially responsible company toward success.
             My immediate goal is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from ECPI University. While providing me with a quality education, ECPI University is also preparing me for an MBA program. Upon earning a business degree I intend to re-enter the Clemson University MBA program.

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