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Why I Want to Attend College

            How many good paying jobs can you find that do not require a college degree? Today, it is very difficult to find a job that pays well without a college degree. Employers now are looking for workers with a higher education and that is one of the reasons I am attending college. Having a college degree opens up the doors to many opportunities. I am going to college because I want to get a better education, a good career career, and create a better life for my future family.
             One of the reasons I am going to college is because I want a better education. I have always known that I was going to college, but I was not sure of where I wanted to attend and what field I would pursue in. I graduated from Colton High School in 2014 and had originally planned on attending one of the California State Universities. Unfortunately, I did not pass a class that was in the A­G requirements, which were the courses needed to attend a four year university. I applied for the program Valley Bound Commitment (VBC) and luckily, I was accepted into it. Valley Bound was the main reason I decided to attend San Bernardino Valley College. It helped me out a great deal not only financially, but academically. It was a great program and basically guided me through my first year of college. Valley Bound helped me get an education. .
             An education is important to me because having would would put me higher than a person without one. For an example, if I applied for a job and had to compete with others for it, it is more likely that they would take the person with an education as opposed to a person without one. It would also open up the door to more opportunities and allow me to have a choice when it comes to doing things. I would not be stuck with a job that I do not like, if I have an education, I would be able to chose. .
             Another reason I am going to college is because I want to have a good career. After graduating from SBVC, I plan on transferring to a four year university and getting my bachelors degree.

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